How We Help

How We Help Children In Need

Children should be able to grow up in a loving family and grow up to be their strongest selves. We at SOS Children's Villages Sri Lanka work to support children and families in need.  In doing so, we act quickly and unbureaucratically, actively engage and bring in our expertise as an international organization in a variety of ways. For example, in crisis housing groups, in counseling centers, outpatient clinics and aftercare, where children, adolescents and their families find what they urgently need: relief, support and the opportunity for a new perspective.

Family Like Care

At SOS Children's Villages, we provide family-like care for children who have lost parental care. They are cared for in a home where they live with an SOS mother, their siblings, and other children. Children receive total quality care until they are ready to live independently.

This video will take you on an exciting visit to our SOS Children’s Village in Piliyandala! Watch this video and find out what we do at this Children’s Village.


Family Strengthening Program

Through our Family Strengthening Program (FSP), we provide support to struggling families. We conduct counseling, skills training, and community-based programs to help families reach self-reliance and provide proper care for their children.



Child Safeguarding

Child safety is everybody's business. We in SOS Children’s Villages commit to making a safe home for children and break the cycle of violence. We work to minimize children’s exposure to risks of abuse, neglect, violence, and exploitation, and ensure that every child grows in a protective and caring environment.



Youth Empowerment

Every young person has the right to secure and sustainable employment. Opportunities like formal education, vocational training and internships will teach the youth competencies and life skills they need to find work and live independently.



More Projects

We strengthen disadvantaged families to prevent crises that can in the worst case scenario lead to children being placed in out-of-home care