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For online sponsorships please click the options below. If you want to send us the STANDING ORDER instructions to your bank account please download this form, fill it and send it. Standing Order Form
  • Senehasa - Rs 2,500 to Sponsor a Child per month

    With only LKR 2,500 a month or LKR 30,000 a year, you can sponsor a child. Your sponsorship enables a child to grow up in an SOS family, receive the best possible education and become a responsible adult. Your donation provides physical, material and more importantly emotional well-being of a child.

    Sponsor a child
  • Sponsor an SOS family

    Sponsor a SOS family with only LKR 15,000 a month

    With only LKR 15,000 a month or LKR 180,000 a year you can sponsor a SOS family in any one of the SOS Children’s Villages across Sri Lanka. Your sponsorship provides a solid support to children along with their families those who grow up in an SOS Children's Village.

    Sponsor a SOS family
  • Dhiriya – Rs 1,500 to Support a Child per month

    With only LKR 1,500 a month or LKR 18,000 a year you can support a child within the SOS Children’s Villages or the Family Strengthening Programme which support children at the risk of losing parental care. Your sponsorship will provide strength to sustain a child within a family environment. Your support will ensure a child growing up in a stable family with love, care and educational environment that is essential to a child's early development.

    Support a Child
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