Vocational Training Center

SOS Children's Villages Sri Lanka believes that every youth in need should have the opportunity to obtain a recognized vocational skill to live an independent life in society. This is one of the main concepts of youth empowerment practices the organization follows. SOS Children's Villages Sri Lanka has established 4 vocational training centres in the country to facilitate this need and has supported nearly 1434 under-privileged youth  to obtain Vocational Training Authority (VTA) recognized National Vocational Qualification Level (NVQ Level) vocational skills. The organization emphasizes on developing youth into independent and contributing members of society. This is done by recognizing the role of youth in their own self development, the role they play in their respective family, community, and society as a whole. Once equipped with a vocational skill, these under-privileged youth can support their own families by seeking employment or being self-employed.

SOS VTC - Certificate sample