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Having established 75 homes in 6 SOS Villages in Sri Lanka in the last 40 years, we are one of the largest self-implementing NGOs in the country, providing for over 3990 children currently. SOS Children's Villages Sri Lanka is an approved social development organization under section 31(09) of inland act No: 28 of 1979.

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Ways You Can Help Change A Child's Life

Family Care For Every Child

At SOS Sri Lanka, we create Villages with homes like the ones we grew up in. Not orphanages or destitute centres but real homes where there is a mother and a close-knit family of siblings. We want children not only to survive, but thrive. To survive one only needs food but to thrive one needs the love of a family.

Our mission is to rescue childhood and with your support we provide these children with -

A Loving Home


Health & Nutrition

Complete Care

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Donor Testimonial

Feroz Omar, Director, Brandix Lanka Ltd

''The work carried out at the SOS Children’s Villages represent hope and direction for Sri Lanka. Their ethos of ‘Every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security’ shows how much passion and commitment they have towards their vocation. This mission is a shining example of how Sri Lankans can come together in rebuilding the lives of orphans and provide them with a future. It is my sincere hope and wish that others too will come forward in helping this worthy humanitarian initiative.''

Corporate Partnerhip

We work with our local and international corporate partners to improve the lives of many children and youth in Sri Lanka. Explore ways in which we can partner to make a lasting imapct. 


As a sponsor you will receive  

  1. Personalised progress report of your sponsored child after each academic session
  2. SOS Newsletter, SOS Messenger, which updates you about everything new happening at our end
  3. A photograph of your sponsored child along with a detailed report on the developments taking place at the SOS Children’s Village where your sponsored child lives
  4. Access to a first-of-its-kind online donor support facility that empowers you to monitor the progress of your sponsored child in real time. So, you can be an active partner in his/her progress and development. You can even raise queries, if any, and we will attend to them promptly