AkzoNobel Renews Partnership with SOS Children’s Villages, Sri Lanka for the Second Time!

AkzoNobel Paints, our valued corporate partner renewed their partnership with us for the second time consecutively in September of 2020. This partnership is part of AkzoNobel’s ‘Let’s Colour’ initiative project, aimed at tackling youth unemployment in the country through a series of educational and renovation training programs, with a focus on assisting youth coming from unstable backgrounds. These programs include training on professional painting and renovation, space utilization, and soft skill development which will enable youth to find respectable employment opportunities and be productive citizens of the country.

AkzoNobel’s partnership with SOS Children’s Villages is not just local, but also a global one through which over 1000 young individuals have gained skills for better employment in 10 different countries. Each year, the AkzoNobel and SOS partnership receive great feedback from both young people and employees who volunteer to be part of the programme. Young people not only gain new life and professional skills, they also report feeling more motivated and confident. The employees and AkzoNobel as a company also benefit from participating in the programme. The volunteers feel more positive about themselves and feel more engaged at work and are prouder to work for AkzoNobel.

Divakar Ratnadurai, our National Director had this to say about the partnership renewal, “SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka is inspired by the forthright endeavour set forth to uplift life situations of youth, equipping them with professional skills, linguistics, and character formation required, to meet demands in the present-day job market. When civic Organizations like SOS Children’s Villages, partner with powerhouse corporates, such as AkzoNobel, to accomplish CSR Projects, it is the society that benefits on the whole at the end. Thus, SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka, looks forward to continue its endeavours with AkzonNobel, to transform lives of youth to create a better society.”

Wasantha Heenatigala, Managing Director of AkzoNobel Sri Lanka stated, “We are happy to continue our partnership with SOS Children’s Villages, Sri Lanka to empower and provide opportunities for youth through programs such as the ‘Let’s Colour’ initiative. Companies can contribute so much to society with right CSR partnerships and productive projects.” He also added, “AkzoNobel firmly believes the power of paint can change the lives of many, and will keep reaching out to individuals and communities alike, to colour their lives with skills needed for a brighter future, and demonstrate to them, the true power of paint.”