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Fourth SOS Children’s Village is situated within the town limits of Anuradhapura at Dahaiyagama, (which is 2 km. from the town) on 5.5 acres of land donated by the government of Sri Lanka. Anuradhapura is an ancient kingdom dating back several centuries with world-famous historical ruins which is 220 km north of Colombo.

SOS CV Anuradhapura has 14 SOS Families and this is the second largest number of SOS Families in a CV in Sri Lanka.The SOS Families were formed at Piliyandala, while the construction work of CV Anuradhapura was going on. The families moved-in with the house warming ceremony in 1994. At present 127 children are in the 14 families and 122 have been integrated successfully into the society.



While the SOS Youth Facility for Boys, the SOS Kindergarten and the SOS Vocational Training Centre are in the same campus, the SOS Youth Facility for Girls is situated four km from the CV. House was purchased and renovated to accommodate young girls and at present 14 girls reside here with a female Educator. All of them are following vocational training and employment training.

Family Strengthening programmes too are carried out in seven locations and 350 children and adults are benefiting from these programmes. The recent addition to the CV is the Mothers’ Retirement Home.

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Mr. Athula Kamalsiri
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Ms. Ganga Subashini

Assistant Director -   Donor Services


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