Towards recognition of SOS Mother Profession

Trainees batch with the National Director & two Mother Training Coordinators

SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka successfully levelled up the bar in providing quality service to children in the village again.  Sixteen SOS mothers entered the New Year refreshing new techniques, to skills that they have already mastered. The ambitious training was conducted as per SOS Mother Training Curriculum that was designed for Asia. The classroom setting, followed by 18 practical sessions, was delivered within three months - from October 2018. Sewing, cookery and art & craft were some activities that SOS mothers refreshed in addition to refreshing themselves in Child's Rights for care and Privacy issues.

For instance, the module on cooking had deeply rooted submodules in preserving nutrition, hygiene and manner of preparation. The sessions were delivered by expertise in the field that highlighted the wide spectrum of present challengers the children face. Senior retired mothers provided insight from their experience to make the journey of present mothers' fruitful. They also had opportunities to engage in an elaborate discussion with the senior management. This platform was used to bring awareness on the organization’s policies and proceedings.  The setup was also utilised by SOS mothers from different location around the island for friendly exchange of ideas – all in the betterment of the organization.


           Certificate offered 

The program was not a walk in the park given the complicated political context during the time of implementation. SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka successfully crossed over the hurdles and fruitfully collaborated with the Sothern Provisional Commissioner. For the first time in the organization’s 37 year history SOS mothers’ that participated received a certificate endorsed with the Government logo. Evidently displaying an effective state partnership – this is indeed a moment to celebrate. With this, SOS Children's Villages Sri Lanka has achieved the first step in SOS Motherhood being recognised by the State. The National Training Center at SOS CV Sri Lanka is working towards obtaining National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) certification for the next batch of mother trainees, which is scheduled to be held during the second half of the year 2019. This will pave the way for the SOS Mother Profession being officially recognised.


Rajini Perumal

Assistant Director

National Training Centre

SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka