SOS Beach Clean-Up

SOS Beach Clean-Up. A Joint Effort by SOS Children’s Villages Piliyandala, Galle and Community Mothers

The 100th birth anniversary of a humanitarian legend should be commemorated in a socially benevolent manner – which is exactly what we did on the 23rd of June, in remembrance of the founding father of SOS Children’s Villages – Dr. Hermann Gmeiner - who still is an internationally renowned humanitarian, even after 33 years of his passing. He spent all of his life working for the benefit and welfare of children who have lost parental care all over the world. He was born on 23rdJune 1919 in Vorarlberg, Austria and passed away on 26th April 1986 in Innsbruck, Austria.

SOS Children’s Villages organized and carried out an environment cleaning programme called ‘SOS Beach Clean-Up’ at the Mount Lavinia beach on this day. A kilometre’s stretch of the sandy beach was cleaned of all litter and waste that was washed up ashore. This environmental endeavour was only made possible due to the active participation of senior and junior staff, youth and mothers of SOS Children’s Villages Piliyandala, including mothers from the neighbouring community. This joint effort signifies the strong and friendly relationship we at SOS Children’s Villages Piliyandala have with our community.

All accumulated garbage was disposed as per the supervision of a PHI Officer in charge of the particular area who was also present at the time. The endeavour turned out to be very successful. A ceremonial observance was also held at the Hermann Gmeiner School Piliyandala, in remembrance of Dr. Hermann Gmeiner later in the day.

We are also proud that SOS Children’s Villages Galle followed suit with their own ‘Beach Clean-Up’ Programme held on the same day at a beach in close proximity to the Galle Fort Lighthouse. Their team also included all senior and junior staff of SOS Children’s Villages Galle, including SOS youth and mothers. A former SOS youth who is now fully independent and integrated to society had organized a fun event to compensate for the hard work done by the youngsters of SOS Children’s Village Galle. A special lunch for everyone was also organized by a local donor.