Leaps and Bounds in an Unexpected Career

Ruwan Attanayake was a trainee who pursued his training at SOS Vocational Training Centre, Monaragala in the field of Automobile Mechanics. He is from a town called Welimada in Uva Province. Due to poverty, Ruwan couldn’t complete his school education. His father also passed away making life even more difficult for his family.

It was during such a difficult situation that Ruwan heard about SOS Vocational Training Centre in Monaragala where it was told that he could learn a skill for free. He applied to study at this centre and was selected. 

Ruwan was provided career guidance by a counsellor at SOS Vocational Training Centre in Monaragala and it was identified that the most suitable course based on his interest would be the Automobile Mechanics course. Hence he was enrolled to this course as a residential trainee as his home was far away.

After completion of the course, he was placed at an engineering firm to gain on-the-job training to gain experience. After gaining sufficient experience at this firm, he was awarded the NVQ Level 3 certificate, offered by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission in Sri Lanka.

Ruwan got an opportunity to work in the Sri Lankan Army in mechanical and engineering unit located in Diyathalawa. After completing preliminary training, he was offered work in Light Automobile Section in the brigade. During this time, he also got the chance to follow more courses in automobile mechanics. He was then transferred to the Army Battalion School in Gannoruwa to take up the position of Automobile Instructor. Soon after, he was promoted to the post of Mechanical Instructor due to his commitment and performance. He worked two years in Gannoruwa. Then, he was transferred to the Army Base Camp in Diyathalawa with a promotion as the Head of Light Vehicle Section in the camp.  

Ruwan is now earning a very good salary and is happily married. He is living a happy life with his wife and mother. He says he will never forget the support and education he got at SOS Vocational Training Centre in Monaragala that laid the foundation for his successful career.