Some of our children are

Neglected and Unwanted

Living without parents, they lack access to food, healthcare and education. This can change with your support.


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Not all children have equal opportunities, especially those without parental care.




A Success Story of Rushantha


I came here when I was 7 years old with very little hope. But everything changed at SOS when I got a mother who loved me dearly and guided me to walk the correct path. Now I am 20 years and have been selected by the University of Visual & Performing Arts in Colombo. Thank you SOS.

Rushantha Rodrigo

They have NO home & NO parents.

Hungry and without hope, looking for their next meal...


Children are the future of Sri Lanka. They are our biggest assets holding the key to unlock the nation’s potential. Yet not all children have equal opportunities, especially the children without parental care. They grow up without love and care, lacking access to education, healthcare and employable skills or opportunities.  How can they become the pillars of tomorrow’s society?

With your support, at SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka they will get a loving mother, a caring family, regular nutritious meals and quality education. Soon, they will be ready to contribute to the progress of the nation. Come, join us in giving our nation’s future a bright future!



What do we do at SOS Children's Villages?


SOS Children’s Villages is a global organization working to protect and care for children without, or at risk of losing parental care. We believe that every child belongs to a family and has the right to grow up with love, respect and security. We have over seventy years of experience and expertise in providing family like care. Through innovative and effective partnerships with donors, communities, governments and other organizations, we work to ensure that the rights of children are fulfilled.

In Sri Lanka, we were founded in 1981 in Piliyandala. Since then we have expanded to six locations in the country. We work with diverse group of children and young people. We provide a loving home for those do not have parental care. We directly support families to prevent separation of children and ensure quality care within their homes. SOS Children's Villages Sri Lanka provides family like care, strengthens families, runs day care, educational and vocational training institutions and medical centers.

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The Problem in Numbers

  no. of orphan & abandoned

   lives below poverty line

    not in School due to
    financial difficulties

   in child labour in 2016 

We provide the care vulnerable children need to reach

their potential.


Through our family support and care programs,
medical centers and schools, we impact
the lives of children and families.
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