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when she thought everyone left her, she found a new family

Miracles does not have to be some one almost facing death; but a child being saved and being granted a bright future at SOS is indeed a miracle
Sometimes miracle stories are not about the people who came from death or who survived a tragic accident; Miracles happen in such ways that we do not realize but Niranjana in SOS Children’s Village Piliyandala says that her life ended in SOS Village because of a miracle.

The smile on her face does not remotely reflect the hard times she went through as a child when she was a small girl. Niranjana is the eldest of 3 girls; as she remembers the last time she saw her sisters the youngest one was 3 ½ years and her name was sadamali and the other sister was 5 years old her name was Nayana. Niranjana’s family was not a family someone would consider or call as a happy family;

Niranjana’s father was addicted to alcohol and somehow managed to provide for the three of them and their mother with whatever the work he finds. But Niranjana’s mother was not happy with the situation which was at home, she missed the affection, love and the care which a woman expects from her husband; when she found someone else who shows her that she is much more worth than she is being shown to, she made a decision to go away from her little daughters and start over. But she could not leave the young Sadamali as she was the youngest among the three girls so one day when Niranjana’s youngest sister and the mother was not at home when she came back from school grandmother said that “Amma and nangi went on a tour and they won’t be back for some time” 
Ever since Sadamali and her sister has been waiting for their mother and the sister to return home, but they never came home; after few months their father also left the two daughters with the grandmother and went away.

I remember the day my grandmother brought me to SOS Children’s Village Piliyandala, It was just after my younger sister was taken away by the nice aunty and uncle who came to our house” ( Niranjana’s younger sister Nayana was adopted by a young couple with the permission from their grandmother) “I though it is going to be only me who has to stay with my grandmother and grandfather; my grandfather does a security job so in the night it is only me and my grandmother who is at home, sometime I hear different noises so I hug my grandmother and sleep”
When Niranjana came to SOS Children’s Village, she was just 9 years old.

Though Niranjana was glad to come from where she was, she was having a difficult time grasping this separation from her parents and her sisters. Until sometime she could not believe that the parents chose to leave them and go away; her SOS mother was the only person Niranjana was close to.    
Now, Niranjana is 18 years old and getting ready for her Advanced Level Examination and when I asked her where her house was she said that it was a shanty and all the houses were glued together. As she can remember when the grandfather goes to work in the night, her grand mother does not sleep but tell her to sleep keeping a lantern. “We did not have lights in our house in the evevning my grandmother gets the lantern ready and as soon as my grand father goes to work, we close the wooden door and listen to the radio, until I fall asleep”
“I remember the first day I came to SOS, when my grandmother and grandfather told me that we are going to a nice house, I thought that we are going to a new house from the broken house which we were in; My grandmother packed me a bag but not for them, then I thought I am also being taken away by a nice aunty and uncle like, they took away Nayana

“I entered the gate and I saw a lot of boys and girls my age, playing in the ground. An aunty came and took us to a house, there were a lot of houses around the house that we went in. There was another aunty who was in the house and she greeted us and called us in to the house and hugged me and told me to call her ‘amma’ I looked at her and then my grand mother; she was tearing, I didn’t know what to do; there was a feeling of relief and a sudden belonging. After my mother left us no one else has hugged me other than my grandmother, I hugged that aunty so tight and called her amma!! I cried, even now I can remember that, I yet don’t know why I cried but I know for sure it was not because I was sad; but because I felt like after everyone; my parents and my sisters left me I have some one who cares about me” Niranjana says remembering every tiny detail from the time when she stepped in to the SOS Village.
“It was a feeling I will never forget, even after years of staying at SOS when I look at that gate I came in I can still remember all these, this is the best day of my life. At that time I was too small to realize it but now I understand and am very grateful to my grand parents for bringing me here from the place where I was living. Me being a young girl and looking back I don’t think I will even be safe there”
“I am studying for my advanced level exam this year and though I don’t have my sisters with me I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters with me and I am the eldest of them all…! I love them like they are my own, we wake up together, we eat together, we go to school together and we do everything together. They all are around me, I consider the day I came to SOS is the day I was born again in to this world with so much to offer”

As Niranjana has so much to offer to the world, you as a generous and kind friend definitely can help her to fullfill her dreams; Please contact us to support Niranjana to achieve her dreams...

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