Abandoned babies now flourishing at the Village

Children rising far beyond their own expectations

Whether it is tiny, three-day malnourished, abandoned babies now flourishing at the Village or children rising far beyond their own expectations to reach for the stars.
Seuwandi   is often termed a ‘lucky house’ in the Children’s Village Moonragala as it produces the maximum number of Advanced level students; House Mother Lalitha is justifiably proud of her students, especially 20 year-old Dilrukthika who has recently got admission in the Police force to become a constable. “ I am lucky to have lived in a place like SOS and got a chance to study. I may never have got such facilities to enable me to enter the police force” says Dilrukthika gratefully. She has also won 13 different medals for various sports such as volley ball and athletics.
20 year-old Tharanga was just four when she came to SOS along with her siblings; she credits her education and her goal of becoming a dance teacher to the encouragement she received at SOS over the years. Her SOS mother Jayantha’s mission to make sure all of the children find a ‘good place in life’ is well on its way to fulfillment, with University degrees becoming a common aspirational goal.
21 year-old Harsha is among the earliest and most earnest disciples of the teachings of SOS, vowing to carry forward the values taught to him in his chosen profession of marine engineering. “ I was only 7 years old when I first came to SOS. I had lost my parents one after another; later my sister died as well. At SOS I got a loving home with a mother, siblings, aunties, uncles, friends and a school to study. From that day onwards I started to rebuild my life. SOS helped with advice on everything. My SOS Mother corrected my mistakes, taught me how to live in society. I will become a captain in the sea one day and make them all proud!” declares Harsha strongly.  
Divakar, who has watched Harsha grow into adult-hood, helps him sort out legal documents and certificates needed for his marine courses before joining the children and staff for evening prayers in the open grounds outside.
As the sun sets over the sprawling, layered, green carpet-like lawns ringed with majestic trees and cloudy hills beyond, the melodious chants of young voices raised in a Buddhist prayer fills the open skies with hope and optimism; the lamp lit in front of the statue of the Buddha burns brighter. 

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