How Kumudu's Life changed with the help of SOS

How a meaningless figure turned her life around

Kumudu saw the sun shining on them with the help of SOS

My life was just another figure which moves here and there with no aim. I feel only the sun is rising and setting down. But suddenly I could feel my life moving to success. This was how Kumudu felt about her life before she recieved help from SOS

I am searching for the day that I will be able to see sunshine at my door step via the sunlight which filters through the space of the wooden planks, with the warmth of my three boy children. Dhammika, my husband waits till he gets a driving job at the junction in order to earn something to feed our little ones. I have seen enough days that Dhammika comes back with empty handed. However, in some days, though he earns something, he wanted to finish it off to quench his thirst for Alcohol, saying that the aches and pains of the body. First I started hating it but later on I got to understand that he too is helpless and frustrated like me as the regular income does not flow into the pocket of ours. However both of us knew that it is not the proper solution for our pathetic life.

I never thought I could say this type of a story as purely I have not known my inner abilities to proceed in life. I had to close the eyes in the small wooden house with unpleasant dreams after my children go to school. At the sound of my children’s voice, I break up my day dreaming life. There are enough days that I cry for the moon like a small child. The little money that I possess is spent to fill the stomach of the children to prevent starvation.
I can recollect the day that I first see the sunlight in my life, is on a day in October 2009. The host of ladies and gentlemen came to see me at the doorstep. They said that they wanted to help me to get out from this gloomy life. I started thinking how they could help me…….. as I myself could not seek a solution to my own life. But now I could see the real true life in me… with the disguised luck brought back from the SOS Children’s Village Family Strengthening Project.
The personnel of SOS Family Strengthening project inquire some questions and I answered as the way I understood. They understand that I have no interest at all to respond them but they did not give up their good work. After that they went off and came back another day with the sketch of Family Development Plan. That day l could forcibly kept Dhammika in, as I knew I have to provide more details.
I had no trust on SOS Family Strengthening project, even though how much they were yelling about their important work.  But gradually when my children attend extra classes in the location and they start working/reading books on the ground with bended knees, my eyes were started popping up towards the new world that will be showcasing in front of me. I too got up from the deep dream with the wakeup call from SOS Family Strengthening program. I am happy now as I could be a mother who cooks for her own children. Not only that I got a chance to cook many children in the location with eliminating lazy and lethargic feelings. So I was able to save the money that I spent for boutiques for short food. When my children behave happily, engaging in their studies and me being able to contribute as a mother for many children in the location, I could not stop saying Dhammika about this new change in our life. I could see Dhammika, blossoming with new ideas. He too wanted to be a partner for this new program. His enthusiastic attitudes tend me to go further. Now we possess a Family Development Plan and also I have a target in my life.
Both of us took part in awareness programs from Family Strengthening Project.  When the educational support such as books, stationery, school bags, shoes and free mid-day meals flowing into the children’s lives, I questioned myself that am I the lethargic feminine lying on the floor in an earlier day? Oh no, today I am much stronger in my heart and life.
With the forcibly support from SOS Families Strengthening Project initially we could do little bit of saving. However later on, the habit of saving runs in our blood and we used to do it even with the little money Dhammika gets.
SOS Family Strengthening Project personnel conduct an awareness program on Self-employments and Dhammika is the one who proposed me to attend it. One day he said, “Kumudu, this is the best opportunity for us, we both shall attend to this”. His motivation tends / affects me to participate in these programs enthusiastically. After that I could polish my talents in sewing, with the second hand machine that was bought by our difficultly gained money. Dhammika collected pieces of clothes from a garment and I started putting up sewing business. I studied further on sewing and bought two machines. Fortunately I was able to get subcontract from a garment and now I am on my feet to run a small business about sewing shorts. I spent sleepless nights to fulfill the business orders and Dhammika was beside me. I could manage smoothly running business with my husband. Dhammika was able to buy a motor bike and he could deliver the orders.Thanks for the Family Strengthening Project personnel who have showed and changed my destiny into a better / bright life. I have no beautiful words to appreciate such a pious people like them. I am contended my life as I have so many merry-filled things to ponder in my life. I am fully free today. My children are happy and doing studies well. Dhammika could also support to our small business out of the money that he brings as fortunately he could find a somewhat stable job in driving. Also we could have a plot of land with a small pretty house. What else we need to be happy?
I am converted as a systematical mother now by the noble service of SOS Family Strengthening Project. I have three separate files about our children individually.
Now I am going with my husband on the path that Family Strengthening Project showed me in an earlier day. Also it is my intention to see some other people like me coming up to this present stage of mine.

There are many more families like Kumudu's and Dhammika's family awaiting for your help. Please help them to uplift their lives....

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