How Nilmi's life changed for better

Today my nest is full of joy

How Nilmi's Life changed for the better

Disasterous tsunami waves shook many lives.. nilmi and Ravindra lives were also an example of what these waves did to people's lives..
Of cause……. like most our parents Nilmi and Ravindra also had thousands of dreams around their loving daughter Asani and son Abhiru.  From the day they came to this world, Nilmi and Ravindra had many dreams to give them a good education, comfortable life and many more… But their dreams were broken in to pieces as it was not taken so long to destroy their assents by the waves of Tsunami. It was so unexpected for them and they lost so many valuable things of their lives
Nilmi said with her broken voice “I will never forget that day. … I lost many things in front of my eyes. At that time I cannot think of anything as I was so deserted.  But whatever it is I found a silver life in my life.  Because four of us were saved from that tragedy….”
When they are living with many difficulties, one kind person introduced them to SOS Family Strengthening Programme (SOS FSP). At that time is was a blessing for Nilmi’s family. So she attends to all self-development programmes with great interest. When we ask about the progress of her programme she was so happy to say like this;
“I was almost lost, but SOS FSP gave me lots of hope to lift up my life again. This programme is not only about livelihood…. But also I learned how to win our lives with positive mind. I experience the strong bond here with their kind advisers. They rebuild my confidence to win my life with abilities and skills. I honestly have no word to say how much I gain from this. With the help of SOS Family Strengthening Programme today I reached most of my life goals. They boost not only my life it is my whole family”…..
Currently Ravindra working as a casual employee in Railway Department and he is earning for about Rs11, 000.00 per month. It is very much true that this income is not sufficient to cover most essential requirements of their children. That is why Nilmi started making cakes as her self-employment with the support of SOS Family Strengthening Programme. She was happy to tell us that she is earning minimum of Rs. 3,000.00 a month from this business.
In our sewing an embroidery classes also she had showed wonderful skills. Nilmi was one of the phenomenal women in making uncommon garment designs very quickly. Apart from her cake business she had started earning for about Rs. 1,500.00 from this sewing and embroidery. She started with one sewing machine and now she became an owner of two machines with overclocking equipment’s. Today she is one of the famous tailors in the area for children’s and women’s wear and for school uniforms. She did not want to stop her innovation. So she expands her business in making carpets and beautiful laces work as well.  
Above all accomplishments, today Nilmi is so glad about her children’s education. She gladly said that;
“Because of the help I received from SOS FSP I was able to re-build a good environment for my children to study. I was able to provide all essential items for my children to continue studies. It was so obvious on my daughter Asani’s improvement. I’m extremely glad about Asani because she is in grade four and she got above 80 for all her subjects. So I’m very much sure one day my Son and Daughter will have a very good life and they both will stand on their own. All because of the support I receive from SOS Family Strengthening Programme”

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