Resources related to SOS Children's Villages Sri Lanka Advocacy movement.
Advocacy Newsletter 

a. SOS Advocacy Newsletter-Issue 1-July 2017

b. SOS Advocacy Newsletter-Issue 2-January 2018

Laws, Policies and Standards Related to DiAC
a. List of Laws, Policies and Standards in Sri Lanka

Leaflets anf Infographics
a. Continuation of Care b. Child Responsibility Leaflet

c. Let's Express Our Views

4. Newspaper Articles 

5. Policy Briefs
a. Keeping Siblings Together b. 18+: Building Support Systems for Youth Leaving Care c. Deinstitutionalization of Alternative Care: Promoting the child’s right to a safe family 6. Proposals
a. Proposal on DiAC Submitted to the Hon. Prime Minister
b. Proposal on Care Leavers’ Issues Submitted by the GNG Network to the Hon. Minister of Women and Child Affairs

7. Reports and Write-Ups
a. 18+ Launch Report
b. DiAC Conference – Summary Report
c. Family Strengthening Programme – An Overview d. Local Process Initiative – Progress Report
e. Local Process Initiative – Summaries of Case Studies
f. Local Process Initiative – Findings of the Stakeholder Consultations
g. Never Give Up on a Child Launch Report

8. Statistical and Research Publications 
a. Annual Statistical Report – DPCCS (2011/12)
b. Current Status of CCIs and Institutionalized Children in Sri Lanka – DPCCS & NISD (2013)
c. Home Truths – Save the Children (2005)
d. Out of Sight, Out of Mind – UNICEF (2007)


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