SOS Children's Village Anuradhapura Celebrated Vesak

SOS Children's Village Anuradhapura Celebrated Vesak

Marking the 2561st Sambudhathwa Jayanthi, Anuradhapura Children's Villages conducted few programmmes on Vesak poya day.

On Vesak poya day majority of children, mothers and aunts of Children's Village observed Sil and participated in meditation programmes at MihiduJayanthi temple,  Anuradhapura. 

The day before the Vesak poya day, Youth boys have repaired and painted the buildings in MihihiduJayanthi Temple with the support of Mothers, Aunts and Co-workers.


Also Girl’s facility of Anuradhapura Children's Village has organized a ‘Kadala Dansala’ on 11th of May 2017. Youth girls successfully organized this event and Coworkers and Mothers has participated. It was held near the girl’s facility and got many positive responses from the participants. All the youth girls enjoyed the event and built up their team work. Actually it was a very successful programme.


Celebrating the Vesak, Urban council and the Youth of Anuradhapura staged a Vesak Bathi Gee Saraniya at Buddhagaya Vesak zone. Singing team in Anuradhapura Children's Village also has participated in this occasion and successfully presented Bathigee. All the participants well appreciated the bathigee presented by Anuradhapura SOS village.

Every house in Anuradhapura Children's Village and Youth Facility has lightened colorful Vesak lanterns and decorated the premises using attractive creations.  Coworkers, Mothers and Aunts appreciated all the Vesak creations made by children. 


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