A tiny, thatched-roof hut, crammed with clothes turned to a house with happiness

Saneshwaran's recollection of events a decade ago

A few blocks away, another 14 year-old, another future teacher aspirant, Saneshwar has only a hazy recollection of events a decade ago. “ I would usually accompany my parents to the sea shore to collect limestone each morning. That day too, we all went to the sea and my father noticed huge waves approaching. I escaped with my father but the Tsunami claimed my mother, we never ever found her body,” says Saneshwar, tears rolling down his brown eyes.
Saneshwar and his younger brother Kogilan, 13 years old, both get excellent grades in school, attend the extra tuition classes run by SOS over the years and are confident about their future career goals.
Their 55 year-old father Murugappan, who has spent the last decade struggling to bring up his children--cook, clean and look after their needs—feels he can never repay SOS for everything that the organization has done for his family and his village. It is a debt of gratitude that he and others in Kayankerny acknowledge vociferously, along with heartfelt requests for a continued presence for several more years.
“SOS gave us Rs 30,000 to be self-sufficient, they also provided meals, education, books, stationery and shoes for children. They also conducted recreational programs and trauma-relieving therapy for coping with loss. Moreover, due to SOS educational programs and evening tuition classes, my children are very interested in their studies and learn everything twice over, so their knowledge has improved a lot, they do very well in school” says Murugappam earnestly.
Murugappam has given away the house SOS constructed for him post-Tsunami to his only daughter Vigneshwari as her marriage dowry—she lives there with her husband and two small children.
 A tiny, thatched-roof hut, crammed with clothes, a wooden bed, a cracked mirror, a broken chair and some odds and ends, is home today for Murugappam and his sons; the small clay chullah or stove in the court-yard, their kitchen.
 It is the future that is important, the dream that is being nurtured, an idea that has already taken hold.
As Murugappam declares in praise of SOS efforts in Kayankerny over a decade, “My children will become successful in the future. More importantly, they have the confidence that they will become successful persons in the future”.

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